Hello and thank you for coming to the TOE website we are launching July 28th 2012 so please return again and tell your friends. We intend to add wonderful energy to both The Evolutionary Shift from 3D to 5D Ascension and also the real opportunity that awaits us is The Quantum Leap into 6D or 7D and perhaps even 8D. We are living in the most advanced and accelerated time of evolution in human history. Let’s do something truly AMAZING!!! come back and visit us we have some super animations coming SOON!!! cheers jf

  • Experiencing the moments

    Being in the moments is to be fully present in the now & to watch each moment gloriously unfold .Here we learn to experience & feel each moment,  thus allowing us to  fully appreciate the beauty of life & all she has to offer . Time slows down & we are reunited with peace. Life once again becomes our playground to create the life we choose rather than a life controlled by a system that doesn’t serve our highest good. We return to the flow



    Just a few weeks away

  • THE ONE EVENT LAUNCH July 28th 2012

    We will be launch the website july 28, 2012 please subsribe to get updated info about coming online events cheers jf

  • The One Event NEWSBLOG

    Hello, the NEWSBLOG is a helpful tool to communicate, inform and organize others on how we can all work together to co-create The One Event on 12 21 12. We are inviting people who are dedicated to making the world a more evolved place to live now and for future generation in the future.

    Please feel free to subscribe to our news letter and let us know how you can participate as one THE CORE 1000 FB Friends or a volunteer. We are here to co-create an opportunity to add to the evolutionary shift and the quantum leap in the human species. Let’s work together cheers jf.